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Hp Dynamic Smart Array B120i Raid Controller Driver Download

NOTE: It is possible to run AHCI mode from the BIOS, which works with no closed source driver. The disks will show up as individual disks and you can use software raid via Red Hat Enterprise Linux to create the RAID array if needed. This should serve as a workaround on any B320i, B140i, B120i, B110i, or other Bxxxi system. However, Red Hat has only tested this on a small number of systems, so for further details on this option, HPE can be contacted.

Hp Dynamic Smart Array B120i Raid Controller Driver Download

If you created raid-array and despite of that in ESXi you see individual disks, it means it is software- (bios-/fake-, etc) raid controller. Not true hardware controller. These are generally not supported in ESXi, for a few very good reasons.

Louis,May I know which precise kernel version you are trying to install? As faras trusty is concerned MAAS has support of third party drivers and onceyour system is connected through trusty MAAS you should able to deploytrusty in dynamic smart array raid mode and have used of hpvsa driveravailable in hp-iss PPA.


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