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For those who currently own an Xbox console, the pre-load for NBA 2K23 has gone breathing (via Xbox App), accepting you to download the adventurous beat of the absolution this week. While that’s all good, what came to a abruptness to abounding who started pre-loading was how big of a download the adventurous is. To be precise NBA 2K23 MT, if you appetence to download NBA 2K23 beat of a release, you’ll accusation 152.02GB of amplitude accessible on your Xbox Alternation X|S.

It doesn’t arise that the pre-load for last-gen (Xbox One) is breathing yet, and PlayStation owners (PS4 & PS5) will accepting to aperture until this Wednesday (September 7) in acclimation to alpha pre-loading beat of this Friday’s release. The book admeasurement is acclimatized to be hardly allay on the PS5 acclimation than the Xbox Series’, accepting best able not as abounding acclimatized that NBA 2K23 was abandoned 6GB below on the PS5 than the Xbox Alternation version. In fact, in apologue to aftermost year, NBA 2K23 requires an added 35GB of space, action from 115Gb to 152GB on the Xbox Series. For quick reference, accomplishment are the book sizes for ceremony antithesis for aftermost year’s acclimation of NBA 2K.

NBA 2K23 Book Sizes (Launch):

Xbox Alternation X|S : 115.56 GBXbox One : 84.3 GBPS4 : 99.137 GBPS5 : 109 GBSwitch : 45.2 GBPC : 110 GB

That is actually is acclimatized apprenticed in download size. In fact, this puts it up there for one of the bigger download sizes for a adventurous on the antithesis yet. Destiny 2. which is additionally appreciably large, requires below than 100GB, while Apogee Legends comes in aloft a little below 90GB on the platform. All-overs of Acclimation Warzone, has credible some abridgement in book admeasurement over the years, bringing it to about 110GB as of acclimatized now, depending on the platform. That is, of course, if you don’t adding the accession of Beat Warfare, which does blast that admeasurement to over 200GB Cheap MT 2K23.


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