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God Of War Full Game For Psp

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Set roughly 10 years after Ascension, the first God of War game begins with Kratos succumbing to his grief and jumping off a cliff into the Aegean Sea. Before he hits the water, we flash back three weeks to discover what led the Spartan off the brink.

PlayStation games have conveniently managed to create their buzz since the time they were introduced to the console gaming community all across the globe. While the PlayStation series is known to house a diversity of games in almost all preferred genres, the action-packed, adventured realm has a separate fan base.

The launch story of the game dates back to November 2, 2010, when the latter was officially introduced to the gaming industry under the God of War franchise of handheld console games. Created and published by Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment, respectively, Ghost of Sparta is a PlayStation Portable video game in the hack and slash action genre.

Ranking 6th in the God of War series and 4th in genre chronology, the game has surface relations with Greek mythology. The gameplay is essentially set in ancient Greece and advances on a revenge-centered theme. The storyline depicts the adventures of Kratos, the game's protagonist and the honored God of War. Disturbed by the haunting memories of his corporeal past, Kratos sets out on a journey to discover his true origins.

To begin your gaming spree with this action-packed adventure quest, you can simply proceed to make a free download of the God of War - Ghost of Sparta ROM on this page. Once you have the ROM files, all you need to do is, emulate and enjoy the game on your favorite console.

The storyline of the game is set across prehistoric Greece, inhabiting the creatures of Greek mythology. The chief dwellers of the region include the Titans and Olympian Gods, among others. Except for a few flashbacks, the story mostly showcases an event setting between the God of War and Betrayal editions of the franchise in 2005 and 2007, respectively. The players are aloofly wed to explore the mythological city of Atlantis, created by Poseidon, the Sea God, and houses the latter's temple.

Resembling its predecessors, the Ghost of Sparta emerges as a mono player gaming quest as seen through a preset camera perspective. As a player of the game, you are tasked with the responsibility to navigate and control Kratos throughout the adventure. Traversing across the Atlantis region, you get to enjoy puzzle, platforming, hack, slash, etc., elements while combating the antagonists. Some of the nastiest ones include Harpies, Cyclopes, Gorgons, Minotaurs, and Satyrs from Greek mythology.

Introducing the platform-based gameplay elements, the player needs to swing on ropes, climb walls, balance across beams and jump across chasms to advance through different segments of the game. The puzzle elements are a mix of simple and complex tasks.

Luckily, Kratos is also pretty good at killing things, as you'll know if you've played God of War or God of War II for the PS2. Now, in an attempt to recreate the series' success on its mobile platform, Sony has released God of War: Chains of Olympus, a prequel of sorts to the two main games in the God of War universe. While Chains of Olympus has a somewhat constrained control scheme and isn't as ambitious in scope as its PS2 cousins, it's still an excellent game that's an excellent fit for the PSP.

In this Game Guide to God of War: Chains of Olympus, we're going to offer up a full walkthrough for the game. If you're interested in more information on Chains of Olympus, including the unlockable bonus features, check out our Hints and Cheats page for the game.

As in previous God of War games, Kratos will be able to pick up new weapons and magical attacks to help him in his fight in Chains of Olympus. This section will be a basic description of these weapons and magical attacks.

Chains of Olympus is fairly giving with the red orbs that you'll need to use to upgrade your weapons. You'll gain them very slowly at first, but as the game rolls along you'll find yourself gaining more and more orbs. You'll probably want to upgrade your weapons first, as they'll be what you use against every enemy you face, but by the end of the game you'll probably have enough orbs to upgrade all of your weapons and magic to the maximum level.

The standard weapon for Kratos are his trusty Blades of Chaos. These are what you should be pouring most of your red orbs into early on in the game, until you've hit the maximum level for the blades (which is level 5). Higher levels will let you deal more damage with all of your attacks as well as unlock new combos.

You won't pick up the game's second weapon, the Gauntlet of Zeus, until fairly late in the game. When you do, however, you'll find it to be a powerful tool in your fight, and will want to upgrade it as quickly as possible.

The Gauntlet is very similar to the Cerberus/Gilgamesh weapons from the Devil May Cry series of games: it's slow but powerful, and the blows can be charged up by holding down the buttons for more powerful attacks. When upgraded, it has three quick special attacks, including the Olympic Strike, which is handy in knocking off enemy armor, and the Lightning Thrash and Olympic Thunder maneuvers. The aerial versions of these latter two abilities will be handy in taking down larger enemies and groups of small enemies, respectively.

The first piece of magic that you get is the Efreet, which is similar in usage to Poseidon's Rage or Cronos' Rage from the first God of War games. At its lowest level, this is simply an area-of-effect damage spell that will hit all nearby enemies for a decent amount of damage. It's useful, but not incredibly worthwhile. If you can upgrade it completely, though, the Efreet becomes much more similar to the Atlas Quake of God of War II, in that you'll be able to mash the O button to send large shockwaves towards enemies near you. This also protects you from enemy attacks, making it a handy escape button when you're about to get pounded by larger enemies.

You'll begin the game with Kratos atop a building, surrounded by soldiers. Your trusty Blades of Chaos work as well as they ever have, so start slicing and dicing here. Don't get fancy; just try to keep your combo meter up as high as it'll go for the extra orbs that this rewards you. After defeating all of the soldiers (just wait for them to stop coming), fire the ballista nearby into the ship. That, for some reason, will trigger an explosion on the roof nearby, allowing you to drop down into the building.

Tip: Keep in mind that you can destroy all of the crates on the rooftop and inside the building for more orbs. Be on the lookout for more crates as you play the game, as the orbs that they drop will add up over time.

Kill the soldiers inside the building, then refill your health with the chest nearby. Attempting to open the door will reveal a cyclops first, which you can knock away by mashing the O button, and then the dreaded Basilisk, which will act as the boss for a large chunk of this first portion of the game.

The first fight against the Basilisk is fairly easy. Get up close to the mouth and start hitting it with your attacks. The Basilisk has two attacks of its own here. It will often rear back and then snap forward for two quick chomps of its teeth; you can block this attack with your left analog stick. It will also periodically fling fireballs at you, which you can dodge with the dodge mechanic. Unfortunately, the loss of the second analog stick on the PSP will force you to dodge by holding down both the left and right shoulder buttons and then moving the analog stick to one side. It's a bit complicated, and not particularly easy to do if you're holding the PSP, so you may want to find a flat surface to rest it on while you play the game.

At any rate, if you use your normal attacks on the Basilisk while dodging or blocking its attacks, you will eventually wear down the Basilisk so that it only has a third of its health bar left or so. When that occurs, you'll be able to start the minigame to finish this first mini boss fight. Tap the buttons that pop up to wound the Basilisk, then use the minotaur's club to put out its eye. It'll move off, forcing you to follow it.

Smash the gates with the ram and head through. You'll soon come across archers. Reach them by jumping into the water and swimming across. After they're dead, start attempting to use the crank nearby to open the gate, but be sure to kill all the soldiers that appear before doing so; any chance at earning orbs should be accepted. When you're ready to move on, turn the crank until the door is fully open, then rush across the room and through it before it closes. It may close too quickly for you to reach via running, so be prepared to dodge under it.

If you can adapt to the King's attacks, this is a fairly simple fight, as he moves slowly. Feel free to dispatch his soldiers first (they'll respawn for a while, but will eventually stop appearing), then start nickel-and-diming him to death from a distance. All of his attacks are fairly easy to avoid, since the man himself is slow, and the attacks themselves are also relatively slow to come out. Whack away at him until you get to play the minigame; it starts with O-mashing and then asks you to hit three random buttons before you're able to finish him off.

After trying out the Efreet on the soldiers that come calling, the doors on the north end of the room will open. The right door will lead to the game's sex minigame, which will net you 75 red orbs if you complete it. It's not too difficult to complete, so long as you recognize that tapping the left and right shoulder buttons needs to stop as soon as the icon disappears from your screen. There's one more button press to hit after that.

After saving your game, move on to the next walkway. There's a ballista here which you need to fire at the Basilisk, but first kill all of the soldiers that come your way. Don't worry about kicking the ladders over; simply kill the soldiers until they stop appearing. You'll get plenty of orbs that way. When they stop appearing, rotate the ballista so that it faces the Basilisk and fire away. (Before firing it at the Basilisk, though, rotate it about to the middle of its movement scheme and fire it at the large building there. You should see it explode.) Hitting the Basilisk will let you open the door nearby to move on. 59ce067264


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