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The gasket: Underneath the gas cap is a rubber gasket that is designed to create a seal between the base of the fuel filler neck and the gas cap. This part is typically the component that is damaged due to excessive removals. If the gas cap gasket is pinched, dirty, cracked or broken, it can cause the gas cap to not seal properly and most likely will not "click."

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Hiss, the blacksmith and the landlord, felt that on his heavyshoulders lay the duty of promoting warmth and cordiality. He satwithout a coat, as usual, and his woolsey sleeves rolled backdisplayed the proper might of arm. In one grimy hand he held a pipe,at which he had given the final puff, and in the other a broad-rimmedpenny, ready to drop it into the balance of the brass tobacco-box, andopen it for a fresh supply. First he glanced at the door, to be surethat his daughter Mealy could not hear; for ever since her mother'sdeath he had stood in some awe of Mealy; and then receiving fromZacchary Cripps a nod of grave encouragement, he fixed his eyes on himthrough the smoke, and uttered what all were inditing of.

"Now, do 'ee put on a muffler, sir," cried Mary, running out with herarms full, as Mr. Oglander set forth in the bitter air, withoutovercoat, but ready to meet everything. At the door was his oldWhitechapel cart, with a fresh young colt between the shafts, pawingthe snow, and snorting; the only one of his little stud not lamed byrugged travelling. The floor of the cart was jingling with iron tools,as the young horse shook himself; and the Squire's groom, and twogardeners, were ready to jump in, when called for. They stamped alittle, and flapped their bodies, as if they would like a cordial; buttheir master was too busy with his own heart to remember it.

"The laughter of fools is the crackling of thorns. Grace, you arenothing but a very green goose. Even a stray lamb would afford mebetter hopes. But knock at the wall with the poker, my dear, thatMargery Daw may come in to prayers."

Knowing pretty well all the chief rooms of the house, Hardenowresolved to go and see if they were locked; and grasping his blackholly-stick for self-defence, he made for the dining-room. The doorwas wide open; the cloth on the table, with knives and forks andglasses placed, as if for a small dinner-party; but the only guestvisible was a long-legged spider, with a sound and healthy appetite,who had come down to dine from the oak beams overhead, and was sittingin his web between a claret bottle and a cruet-stand, ready to receivewith a cordial clasp any eligible visitor.

Meanwhile, the stout man in the white frock coat slouched along thefurzy valley, with a clownish step. He carried a long pig-whip, andnow and then indulged in a crack or flick at some imaginary pig, whilea crafty grin, or a wink of one little eye, enlivened his heavycountenance. He was clearly aware of all that had been happening inthe wood above him, for the buds as yet rather served to guide thelines of sight than to baffle them; but he showed no desire tointerfere, for instead of taking the cross-path, which would havebrought him face to face with Kit, he kept down the glade towards thetimber-track, which led in another direction. By the side of thelittle brook he turned the corner of a thick holly-bush, and suddenlymet his brother, Master Zacchary Cripps, the Carrier.

Zacchary had always felt scorn of Tickuss, but now he almost disdainedhimself for springing of one wedlock with him. He stood in the placewhere he must be seen if Tickuss wished to see him, until he was quitesure that no such longing existed on his brother's part. Then thefamily seemed to be lowered so by this behaviour of a leading member,that when the Carrier moved his legs, he had not the spirit to crackhis whip. 350c69d7ab


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