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FGV America Inc. was established in January 2019.  Our company is the subsidiary of Formenti e Giovenzana (better known as FGV).  We are one of world's most recognized Italian brand that manufactures functional hardware.  Our Team aims to bring innovative value solutions to the cabinet manufacturers through select representative North America Distributors


Our parent company, Formenti e Giovenzana, owns fully and semi automated manufacturing facilities in 3 Continents; Europe, Asia and South America. At FGV America we don’t limit our product line to just our own factories.  We are an open source development company; this means that we provide home to manufacturers whose products meet our quality standards and customer’s specifications


FGV America will always be looking to bring to you Value, Quality and Innovation for your hardware needs.  We promise to stay away from unnecessary marketing expenses; instead, we will always aim to spend our available resources towards maintaining an exciting product line and a reliable Team that you can trust and have fun working with

That's it! Simple! 

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