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  • Quiet and Smooth synchronized travel of each member

  • Smooth and absorbing engagement with metal Soft-Close or Push-to-Open Piston

  • 6-way adjustable (4-way side-to-side and in-out through the locking devices included with each set, and 2-way Easy Height Adjustment on the drawer member)

  • 100 lb static load capacity

  • For drawer thickness 1/2" - 5/8" (12.7mm - 16mm) or 3/4" (19mm)

  • Steel or adjustable nylon back brackets for face frame - available upon request

Our Undermount Drawer System


Vertical adjustment

Easier access to the adjustment handle

Faster to locate and adjust

3-step locks 0-3mm

Horizontal + In/Out adjustment

Strong partial metal construction

narrow handles for narrow drawers

durable spring for multiple releases

3mm horizontal + 5mm in/out

 Our Micro Rollers guarantee a quiet and smooth operation

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