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Best Access with Superior Movement

  • Simple and fast assembly with clip-on door fixing

  • No hinges required to pivot the door

  • No stabilization bar required

  • 3D Door adjustments

  • Adjustable spring/Force adjustment depending the weight of door

  • Adjustable soft close motion thanks to dual pistons 

AeroTOP  - The Opening
      With 4 different weight capacity options and the ability to adjust the spring tension, doors will open and stay at any desired angle from 20-107 degrees


Aerotop 2.png
Aerotop 5.png

AeroTOP  - The Design
      Minimal Protrusion into the cabinet space
 H=11cm - D=16cm - T=3cm


Aerotop 3.png

3D Adjustments

AeroTOP  - The Options
Door weight
K2000 - 6lbs to16lbs
   K3000 - 10lbs to 22lbs
Cover cap color
White or 


Aerotop 8.png
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