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Deped Cabanatuan March Lyrics !FULL!

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DepEd Cabanatuan March: A Song of Pride and Unity

The Department of Education (DepEd) Cabanatuan City Division has its own official march song that reflects its vision, mission and core values. The song, titled "DepEd Cabanatuan March", was composed and written by Mr. Jose Barcelo, a teacher at the Cabanatuan City National High School.

The song was launched in 2019 and has since been sung by teachers, students and staff of DepEd Cabanatuan during flag ceremonies, programs and other events. The song aims to inspire and motivate the DepEd Cabanatuan community to work together for quality education and lifelong learning.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

DepEd Cabanatuan March

By Mr. Jose Barcelo

We are DepEd Cabanatuan

We stand for quality education

We uphold our vision and mission

We live by our core values

We are DepEd Cabanatuan

We strive for excellence and innovation

We promote a culture of collaboration

We serve with passion and dedication


We are one in heart and mind

We are one in spirit and soul

We are one in our goals and dreams

We are one DepEd Cabanatuan


DepEd Cabanatuan, we are proud of you

DepEd Cabanatuan, we will always be true

DepEd Cabanatuan, we will never give up

DepEd Cabanatuan, we will rise to the top

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)


DepEd Cabanatuan, we are one!

The song also reflects the history and achievements of DepEd Cabanatuan, which was established in 1901 as part of the Division of Nueva Ecija. The division was initially headed by American superintendents who introduced the public school system in the province. The division was later split into several districts and eventually became an independent city division in 1998 by virtue of Republic Act No. 8525.

Since then, DepEd Cabanatuan has grown to have 41 public elementary schools, 14 public secondary schools, and 4 integrated schools under its supervision. The division has also produced outstanding teachers, students and alumni who have excelled in various fields and competitions. The division has also implemented various programs and projects to enhance the quality of education and promote the welfare of its stakeholders.

The DepEd Cabanatuan March is a testament to the pride and unity of the DepEd Cabanatuan community. It is a song that celebrates the past, present and future of the division. It is a song that expresses the commitment and dedication of the DepEd Cabanatuan personnel to serve the learners and the society.

Aside from the DepEd Cabanatuan March, another source of pride and unity for the DepEd Cabanatuan community is the various programs and projects that the division has implemented and supported over the years. These programs and projects are aligned with the five key result areas of DepEd, namely: access, quality, governance, human resource development, and resource mobilization.

Some of the notable programs and projects of DepEd Cabanatuan are:

The Basic Education Research Fund (BERF), which provides funding for research proposals of DepEd personnel that aim to improve the quality of education and address emerging issues and challenges in the sector.

The School-Based Management (SBM) Program, which empowers schools to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate their own improvement initiatives based on their needs and contexts.

The Learning Continuity Plan (LCP), which ensures the delivery of basic education services amid the COVID-19 pandemic through various learning modalities such as online, modular, radio-based and television-based instruction.

The Brigada Eskwela Program, which engages the participation of various stakeholders such as parents, local government units, non-government organizations, private sector and alumni in preparing and maintaining school facilities and resources.

The Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP), which promotes food security, nutrition education and environmental awareness among learners and teachers through the establishment and maintenance of school gardens.


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