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Dark and Darker, the highly anticipated dark fantasy RPG, has made a significant impact on the gaming community since its unexpected release this year. The developer, Ironmace Games, has been diligently working to improve the player experience through regular hotfix updates. The most recent update, referred to as update 17, introduces a plethora of fixes, class adjustments, and exciting gameplay features. However, Bard enthusiasts may discover additional challenges with this patch.

Acknowledging the overpowered nature of the Bard class, Ironmace Games implemented balancing adjustments to the costs, durations, and speed of the class's skills and abilities. These modifications aim to foster a more equitable gameplay experience by distributing player damage more evenly across various classes.

Beyond the Bard nerfs, Ironmace Games tackled other crucial aspects of the game. Recognizing an imbalance in the in-game economy due to an excess of treasure from improved loot drops, the developer reduced the drop rate of treasure and trinkets from chests, ensuring a more sustainable economic environment.

Introducing two experimental changes, Ironmace Games implemented a temporary leaderboard system, offering a less grind-intensive alternative for players. This adjustment allows the developer to gather valuable data for the future development of a more comprehensive ranked system. Additionally, the game now includes a gear-based matchmaking pool and a temporary gear cap for normal dungeons, enhancing the fairness and balance of multiplayer interactions.

Despite these changes, Ironmace Games acknowledges potential flaws in the experimental features and encourages players to provide feedback. The developer is dedicated to collecting data and refining these adjustments based on player input.

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