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Waypoints From Garmin


Waypoints can be manually entered by taking coordinates from a map or other reference. Also, waypoints may be entered by marking a point at the current position of the device, or on the map of the device.

waypoints are easier to add in garmin explore app or website (still need the app on your phone). Sync the 6x into a 6x collection. Then you can see the course on and you can add waypoints as needed. Course creation on explore is a bit of a mess, but waypoints work the way you'd expect.

my Basecamp 4.6.2 does not allow to transfer waypoints and routes (also no download from device). I do not want to upgrade to Bacecamp 4.7 as some features required for use of openstreemap will then be disabled. Is there any other tool?

I create waypoints with Garmin Explore and transfer them to my F6xPS - or I use sendpoints app for that ( for a single waypoint). I create courses/routes with maps 3D pro and transfer them to Explore and with Explore to my device. Unfortunately Explore itself can only create direct routes.

You can upload your waypoints in a GPX file with R485 on your phone https:\/\/\/store\/apps\/details?id=com.connectiq.r485.mapsr485companionAll is free, but to remove screen where I ask a donation, you can send me a PayPal amount of 5 euros (or more :-) cliking on the link here : https:\/\/\/GuillaumePourGarmin\/5EUR Please leave a comment in PayPal, with \"SAILING\" and I will send you a code (to enter in settings at bottom)THE SCREENS6 screens (you switch screens with the back button) :- screen 1 (cruise) : speed, time, distance traveled, heading, GPS status, recording status, battery level- screen 2 (waypoint, if activated) : waypoint name, distance, ETE (remaining time) or VMC (VelocityMadeCourse), ETA and heading to follow. Invisible if no waypoint choosen.- screen 3 (maps if activeted) : You can see waypoints or tracking your position- screen 4 (wind, if activated) : TWD TrueWindDirection (to set with menu), COG, TWA TrueWindAngle and VMG VelocityMadeGoog. Invisible if TWD not set with menu. You can adjust TWD in this screen with + (PageUp) and - (PageDown)- screen 5 (navigation infos) : departure time, time spent, average speed, distance, from START or last RAZ- screen 6 (GPS position) : Actual GPS position in decimal and in Degree Minute SecondsTHE BUTTONS- back button to switch beetween screens - Two short press on Page Down : MOB (Man Over Board) : the actual position is registered as a waypoint, and you start to follow it- Select button short press : Stop or start record recording track (green led REC = record in progress)- Long press on PageUp : access to the menu- short press on PageUp : see your glycemia from Xdrip or NightScout (url to enter in the settings with Garmin Connect on your phone)THE WAYPOINTSThe app can manage up to 80 waypoints (40 only for old watch models like F3 and FR235). You can load your GPX file of waypoints with r.485 app on Android or iOS (see above, companion app)You can modify waypoints with the same app, or in parameters with Garmin Connect (iOS or Android), or with Garmin Express (on desktop). In this case, you must respect the format : \"Name;latitude;longitude\" Example : Key Biscayne;25.698;-80.146You can delete waypoint, or add current position as a waypoint on the watch. THE MENUThe menu gives access to:- Waypoints (follow, delete, add). The addition allows to add the current location, (the name can be modified in the parameters on your phone with Garmin Connect Mobile)- Set wind direction (if the value = -1, the wind screen is invisible)- Start or Stop Alarm Anchor : The distance can be modified in the settings on the watch. - Resetting the navigation infos (screen 3)- Exit the app- Settings, with :* color background Black\/white, * automatic start recording ON\/OFF when move, * automatic stop recording ON\/OFF when stop moving, * set distance for anchor alarm, * set distance for alert when reaching the waypoint, * display VMG or ET


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