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Pokemon Xy Rare Candy Buy

Exp. Candy is introduced, which gives fixed amounts of experience to Pokémon. Rare Candies are often less efficient than Exp. Candy because they only give enough experience to reach the next level, though Rare Candies can be the most efficient candy if a Pokémon requires more than 30,000 experience points at its current level to level up (this can only occur for Pokémon in the Medium Slow, Slow, or Fluctuating experience groups).

pokemon xy rare candy buy

The rare candy, as the name suggests it is rare not just in Pokemon Emerald but in every Pokemon game. This precious item gives you a chance to evolve and increase the level of your Pokemon without effort.

Aside from its impressive benefits, there are drawbacks you may encounter when using the cheat. Activating the cheat populates your PC with bundles of rare candies, which in the long run not useful. When improperly used, this will cause problem to your PC or bag.

In-game, trainers make their Pokemon stronger by leveling them up through battling wild Pokemon and other trainers. Leveling up Pokemon not only increases their base stats, but allows them to learn more powerful moves and in most cases evolve into stronger forms. Besides battling, however, trainers can also level up Pokemon in the party without having them directly battle through EXP share, which is automatically enabled. Additionally, Pokemon that hold a Lucky Egg will gain 150 percent of the EXP acquired through battles. Finally, trainers can feed their Pokemon different types of candy which will increase EXP and or level depending on what treat was used. Although Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces other variations of EXP candy, the most prized for guaranteeing a level up and hardest to find in-game is the Rare Candy. 041b061a72


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