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Lagu Mp3 Free 4Share \/\/FREE\\\\

  • Streaming your favorite music via 4shared Music for Android is simple:Log in 4shared Music.

  • Tap on the track or playlist in your account to stream it or use the search option to find and stream music from 4shared database.

Lagu Mp3 Free 4Share

  • There are several ways to add tracks from 4shared to one of the playlists in your 4shared account.The 1st option:

  • Tap the track you wish to add to to a certain playlist in your 4shared account.

  • Tap the + on the player control bar.

  • Tap the account playlist/folder you wish to add a track to.

  • The 2nd option:

  • Long-tap the track to wish to add to a certain playlist in your 4shared account.

  • Tap Add to Playlist.

  • Tap the playlist you wish to add the track to.

  • It takes just a few steps to share a track via 4shared Music for Android. You simply need to:Tap the track.

  • Tap the Share icon on the player control bar.

  • Select a sharing option you wish.

  • To download a track from 4shared directly on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will need to:Long-tap on the track you wish to download.

  • Tap Download in the opened menu.

  • Select the folder you wish to download the track to, if you are downloading from Search results.

  • Tap Download.

Note!If you are downloading a track from your own files, it will be saved to '4music' folder by default.

Untuk menggunakan 4shared di perangkat Android, langkahpertama yang harus Anda lakukan adalah mengunduh dan menginstal aplikasi4shared dari Google Play Store. Setelah diinstal, buka aplikasi dan masuk keakun 4shared Anda atau buat akun baru jika Anda belum memiliki satu.

Setelah Anda masuk ke akun Anda di aplikasi 4shared, Andadapat mencari lagu yang ingin Anda unduh. Untuk melakukan ini, cukup ketikkanjudul lagu atau nama artis di kotak pencarian di bagian atas aplikasi dan tekantombol cari.

Downloading from the 4shared file hosting service is available online for all computers and phones (Android, Windows, IOS), WITHOUT INSTALLING extensions and applications. Registration and premium account is also not needed! Any mp3 from the chart is available for download and preview. 041b061a72


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