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Download and Install Everest 802.11n Wlan Driver 13 on Windows PC in Minutes

most of the drivers come with additional third party drivers which are compatible with the proprietary hardware drivers, for example nvidia and amd graphic cards. this is of course mainly for the video cards and not for the wifi card and the reason for this is mainly due to the architecture of the hardware. nvidia and amd are mainly for desktop machines and for laptops only intel wlan and wireless cards are used.

Everest 802.11n Wlan Driver 13

if your laptop has a wifi card that is not covered above, you can use it in wlan mode by installing the how to enable the wlan on your acer aspire one 731 guide. you can also get some adapters that you plug into the pci card slot and have it communicate with the wifi card. this is of course a suboptimal solution because the wifi card is not used, but it will give you basic wifi.

now that i had been using my wireless card for a month or so, i was able to figure out some of the limitations of the driver. it supports wpa-psk in the 802.11b/g/n standards, which means it supports wpa2 only, not wpa. for wpa2 it supports all the encryption types, including tkip, aes, etc. aes in particular is far superior to wep.

you can easily set up the wlan adapter with its included easy-to-use configuration tool. the driver can also set up the wireless network using a domain controller it supports ieee 802.1x, ieee 802.3x, wireless lan profile for microsoft active directory, ad-connect, simple network management protocol (snmp) and ieee 802.1x authentication. all these protocols can be configured through a single interface. control features such as power-down, led modes, led off and on, auto-repeater, and wi-fi security are also provided.


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