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Pan's Labyrinth English Subtitles 1080p 3d

'Pan's Labyrinth' arrives on HD DVD with a 1080p/VC-1 transfer (identical to the Blu-ray) that dazzles the eye as effortlessly as the film haunts the imagination. Colors are rich, the palette is painterly, and bold reds leap off the screen. Even the bleak labyrinth scenes are bathed in gorgeous blue tones that offset the warmth of the intentionally oversaturated skintones. Del Toro's darkest shots creep up and overtake Ophelia, flooding the picture with well-delineated shadows that never obscure the detail of the cinematography. Despite a wide variety of lighting schemes, contrast is consistently perfect, black levels are intense, and there isn't a hint of source noise, artifacting, or meddlesome edge enhancement.

Pan's Labyrinth English Subtitles 1080p 3d

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