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Torrent Account Hacker V3.9.9 Windows Nulled Registration

over the course of the day on july 14, 2020, the hackers accessed 18,000 twitter accounts, gaining control of more than 1,000 of them. in addition to the 1,000 compromised accounts, the hackers also gained access to millions of data points on the accounts. by leveraging these data points, the hackers were able to access the accounts of the targeted users, including their follower counts, their follower lists, their interactions with other users, the accounts they follow, and the tweets they liked.

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in total, the hackers gained access to more than 70 accounts. among those accounts was obamas. the hacker who accessed obamas twitter account first tweeted out a double your bitcoin scam, then posted a message to obamas facebook account asking for a bitcoin transaction to be made. the hackers also tried to make it appear as though obamas account was compromised as part of the attack. the hackers posted a link to an article about the hack, linking to a copy of a screenshot that they claimed was of their message to obamas facebook account. however, this was a fake screenshot, a ploy to trick obamas into believing the entire hack was real. the hackers then switched the order of the two messages in the tweet, so that the bitcoin scam was the last part of the message, and obamas facebook account was the first. when twitter security responded to the messages, the hackers changed the order back to the original, fake order to trick security into thinking the original message was still active.

hackers gained access to a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as binance, coinbase, and gemini, and attempted to steal a total of more than $100 million. at gemini, the hackers attempted to sell $100 million worth of ether (eth) tokens. the hackers told the exchange to wire the tokens to an account controlled by them and a relative, which the hackers claimed would ensure that the tokens were unassailable by the government. the hackers also claimed that the money would be frozen until the hackers had a chance to transfer it to an undisclosed location. this scam netted the hackers more than $7 million in eth and tokens from the exchange. the hackers then went to binance, where they attempted to sell over $40 million worth of eos tokens. the hackers posted a fake announcement to eos accounts that claimed a hack had happened, and offered a malicious link to give them access to binance accounts, presumably so they could steal money from the exchange. the announcement also claimed the hackers were working with binance security to recover funds.


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