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Blinda tu economía: La guía definitiva para ahorrar e invertir en monedas digitales y evitar la pérdida de poder adquisitivo

a large shift in land use in the form of densely planted monocultures and plantations has occurred. for decades, the emphasis of sri lankas economic development has been on producing and exporting goods.agricultural land is often first up for a sell to developers as investors eye new markets for crops and byproducts. but that infrastructure is often lacking, causing uncertainty about prices and what happens if the harvest does not meet expectations. with the rajapaksas economic policies, even credit is uncertain as the government has a very strong presence at the central bank, where it can print money to pay for its budget.

Blinda tu econom

an organization that has been pushing to improve sri lankas economic conditions is the world mayors, an international non-profit organization, under which there are world mayors. honoring a global commitment to provide universal service, mayors commit their cities to address urgent issues such as poverty, inequality, climate change and urbanization. in sri lanka, the world mayors are mostly urban leaders and in the last 2 decades, the country has made big steps. there are world mayors in sri lanka who work across country to improve conditions of the people.

sri lanka, which started with about 53 million people, now has nearly 12 million toiling abroad in order to keep their families off the streets, and millions more eke out a living and struggle with illness due to a polluted environment. people are often forced to put up with the ill consequences of their political leaders mistakes.

recently, sri lanka has come up with a plan called tax swapping, which is similar to a scheme in india where residents of one village are exempted from a particular tax by giving their village name to a neighboring village. the taxes include cess on air travel, luxury cars, salt, gasoline and tobacco.


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