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HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94: A Review of the Advanced Astrology Software

HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94: A Review of the Advanced Astrology Software

Astrology is a fascinating and ancient discipline that studies the influence of the stars and planets on human life. Astrology can help us understand ourselves better, as well as our relationships, career, health, and destiny. However, astrology is also a complex and intricate system that requires a lot of knowledge and skill to interpret correctly.

That's why many astrologers and astrology enthusiasts rely on astrology software to make their work easier and more accurate. Astrology software can perform various calculations, generate charts, display predictions, and provide remedies based on different astrological systems and methods.

HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94

One of the most popular and comprehensive astrology software in the market is HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94. This software is based on the Hindu system of Indian Vedic astrology, and is specially designed for professional astrologers, astrology bureaus, and research scholars who have a large number of clients and work on an international platform.

Features of HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94

HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94 is an advanced astrology software that consists of various graphical worksheets, animated transit of planets, customization options, and provides you with detailed calculations, minute analysis, and predictions along with many other exclusive features.

Some of the main features of HOROSOFT Professional Edition 4.0.94 are:

  • Calculations: The software can perform basic calculations such as birth time in ghati, sunrise, sunset, day-duration, bhayat, bhabhog, balance of dasha, avakhada/ghat chakra, lucky day, stone, color etc., samvat, lunar paksha, lunar tithi etc., as well as details of karaka, avastha and tara chakra along with moon chart[^1^]. It can also generate shodash varga table along with all 16 shodash varga charts such as dreshkana, chaturthamsa, shodasamsa etc[^1^]. Moreover, it can display various dashas such as yogini, kalchakra, kalchakra pratyanter, ashtottari, ashtottari pratyanter, char dasha, vimshottari dasha, antar, pratyanter & shooksham[^1^]. It can also produce various tables such as friendship table (permanent, temporary, five-fold), shodashvarga table, prastarashtakvarga table, ashtakvarga table etc[^1^].

  • Predictions: The software can provide predictions based on different systems and methods such as parashari system (with aspects & argala), nadi system (with nadi coordinates), k.p.system (with sub lords & cusps), lal kitab system (with remedies & debts), jaimini system (with char karakas & arudha lagna), numerology (with name number & lucky number), panchang (with tithi & nakshatra) etc[^1^]. It can also give zodiac predictions for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis[^1^]. Additionally, it can suggest remedies such as gems & stones recommendation[^1^].

  • Match-Making: The software can perform match-making for marriage compatibility based on various criteria such as guna milan (ashtakoot), manglik dosha check (kuja dosha), dasha koota check (planetary periods), nadi dosha check (nadi koota), bhakoot dosha check (moon sign compatibility) etc[^1^]. It can also generate detailed reports for both bride and groom with charts and analysis[^1^].

Prominent Features: The software has some prominent features that make it stand out from other astrology software such as animated transit of planets (showing real-time movement of planets on charts), graphical worksheets (showing various charts in different styles and colors), customization options (allowing you to change fonts, colors, themes etc.), printing options (allowing you to print reports in different formats and 0efd9a6b88


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